Кадр из фильма «Alexandra»
  • 77 min.
  • english, romanian, russian, german, french
  • russian, english

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Alexandra Conunov is at the age when others barely take their compass out of their pockets to establish a path of their lives, while she has conquered the highest peaks in her field of activity. And her daily metronome is her son, Grisha.Alexandra Conunov is a violinist born in the Republic of Moldova, known to audiences around the world. She lives her life in the depths of music, and for that she has to laugh and cry, to communicate with people of all kinds, to go on the big stages of the world and to walk his child on the lost streets of unknown cities. He now lives in Lausanne. He speaks five languages ​​fluently and does not want to surprise anyone with it. Specialist publications in Europe write about her performances. Alexandra sings on the stage of major festivals. The enumerations will not end here because her life is in a continuous ascent.



Violeta Gorgos
Violeta Gorgos
Cristian Sbingu
Virgilu Margineanu

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