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Alex in RussiaLand
  • 40 min.
  • english, russian
  • russian

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Alex Carlin is not Borat. He is a real person, and this is really his life. For seven years, Alex and his rock band have been on a nonstop tour of Russia—over 100 concerts per year. From Murmansk in the Arctic Circle to the Southern Black Sea, from the Far West Kaliningrad to the Far East Kamchatka, through the vast untamed Siberian territories so ripe for rock and roll, the ALEX CARLIN BAND gets to the next gig by train, not plane. The "Russian Rock-and-Roll Railroad" is a daily adventure of music, romance, fascinating characters and unsinkable people-to-people diplomacy. A major theme is building friendship and positive cooperation between the peoples of Russia and America.

In 2020, a documentary movie was completed only a moment before the pandemic hit Russia, which would have blocked some of the traveling and concerts. But as fate would have it, the die was cast, the affair was consummated and here it is, the Russia you have never seen before: Alex in Russialand!



Alex Carlin
Alex Carlin
Anatoly Goronesenko
Robert Eisenberg, David Clark

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