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Anderson's Mission
  • 47 min.
  • english

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The life story of the distinguished American cultural activist Paul B. Anderson, one of the pioneers who helped break the “iron curtain” of the Cold War. Paul Anderson was one of the founders and for many years director of the Paris YMCA-Press. This publishing house founded in 1921 published hundreds of Russian books included in the golden fund of Russian culture. The life of Paul Anderson was not easy and full of adventures. In the time of WW1 he was delivering food for the Czech and Slovak military prisoners in Siberia, helped disembarrass of Russian soldiers from German captivity, listened to the speech of Lenin when Bolsheviks took the rule of power, was arrested by KGB and spent time in the basement of the Lubyanka prison. Paul Anderson was awarded with many high honors, including the French Legion of Honor and the Order of the British Empire.



Michael Shur
Vladimir Strelkov
Michael Shur
Michael Shur
Tom Grant

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