Кадр из фильма «Bacteria. War of the Worlds»
Бактерии. Война миров
Bacteria. War of the Worlds
  • 16+
  • 57 min.
  • russian

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This global war began almost a hundred years ago. Man has invented a deadly weapon, an antibiotic. And for the first time he tried to establish control over the world, which was beyond his control. The battle continues to this day. But bacteria have learned to resist antibiotics, they have become resistant, resistant to our weapons. According to the WHO, more than a hundred antibiotics have been discovered in the last century. Over 80 of them are already outdated. At this rate, sooner or later we will fall back into the era of epidemics. Humanity is in a dead end. What to do next? How to find a way out of the dangerous trap that we all fell into?



Anastasia Popova, Vladimir Kleptsov
Marina Golovacheva, Sergey Latyshev, Timur Bulgakov, Svetlana Rodina, Lyudmila Didenko
Alexander Kiper
Julia Perkul, Andrey Tsvintarny, Oleg Volnov

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