Кадр из фильма «Without a performance»
Без спектакля
Without a performance
  • 51 min.
  • russian
  • english
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Research film in the post-post-memory genre. An attempt to comprehend the creators and participants, as well as their motivations, of the largest theatrical project of 2017 "Motherland" in the historical context that was originally set by the artists. How does Joseph Stalin respond in each of us, what processes does he launch in us? How one of the most tyrannical figures of the 20th century still influences and controls our consciousness and manifests itself directly or indirectly in our life attitudes, in worldview, in work, in relationships with people, and the painful deformation of the psyche continues, which can only be overcome through collective rethinking , the free expression of the statement on the stage and its subsequent experience inside.



Polina Mantsurova
Polina Mantsurova
Sofa Smirnova, Alena Zhernakova
Polina Mantsurova

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