Кадр из фильма «No statute of limitations. Children of "Lebensborn"»
Без срока давности. Дети "Лебенсборна"
No statute of limitations. Children of "Lebensborn"
  • 44 min.
  • russian

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According to the idea of ​​the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, the Lebensborn houses were to become a place where unmarried women could secretly give birth to a child and leave him to be raised by the state. Under the slogan "Give a child to the Fuhrer!" German women were encouraged to give birth to "true Aryans". In reality, the program resulted in mass abduction and removal of children from the USSR and other territories occupied by the Germans to the Lebensborn houses. The film contains a story about the horrors of forced "Germanization" from the lips of living witnesses Vladimir Mazharov and Viktor Mukhamedov, who were brought from Germany to Moscow in 1947; Lydia Khodyreva from Alushta; Jewish girl Zinaida Nikodimova from Minsk, her mother was looking for her daughter in concentration camps, and found her in a shelter for Aryan children; former lieutenant colonel of the GDR army Michael Sturm, who found out about his "Lebensborn" origin only after the death of his parents.



Nikolai Akhayan
Alexander Zvyagintsev, Olga Bulle
Andrey Katorzhenko
Maria Zhuromskaya
Anton Bulle

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