Кадр из фильма «The Siege»
The Siege
  • 19 min.
  • russian

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The film shows the story happened with Leningrad in the World War 2 - the Siege of Leningrad which lasted for three years. The Siege - is one of the symbols of the human’s fortitude, but from the other hand is also a vivid example of the human’s cruelty. By the instrument of the storytelling the film authors chose the wartime chronicles of the both Russian and German records, as well as the reports of the city radio, music of those times and the sounds which surrounded the citizens in times of the siege. Ruthless chronicle records help us better to understand the torment people had to undergo during that horrible wartime. Is it possible to heal the pain caused? How not to repeat the tragedy again?



Andrey Furmanchuk
Andrey Furmanchuk
Andrey Furmanchuk
Andrey Furmanchuk, Ilya Krivitsky, Svetlana Khazipova
Sound operator
Igor Domanitskiy

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