Кадр из фильма «Bolshaya Kocha»
Большая Коча
Bolshaya Kocha
  • 27 min.
  • russian
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300 km north of Perm there is the village of Bolshaya Kocha. There is taiga around. People speak a language with 17 cases and once wrote in the Latin alphabet. The weather changes, as if in the mountains or at sea. There are wooden idols in the forests, and everyone respects nature. Local shaman Vasily Ivanovich Gagarin performs a ritual against fires in Siberia, he is also a history teacher and the author of a school parliamentary-presidential republic (with real elections). Teenagers there take time off from classes and run for haymaking. There is a lot of housework, which did not prevent them from making a website with a story about the village.



Marina Donskaya, Emil Khafizov
Dmitry Kuvaldin, Nikita Kamenskikh, Daniil Byakov, Nikita Mizev
Rita Googe, Tatiana Ivannikova, Yana Krylova
Sound operator
Alena Vasilyeva, Stas Paushev

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