Кадр из фильма «The Great Journey of Mikolaj Krzysztof "The Orphan" Radziwill»
Большое путешествие князя Николая Христофора Радзивилла Сиротки
The Great Journey of Mikolaj Krzysztof "The Orphan" Radziwill
  • 52 min.
  • russian
  • english

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A film about the founder of the crypt in the temple of the Body of God in Nesvizh, Nikolai Christopher Radziwill Sirotka. Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Egypt, searching for the secrets of embalming mummies. In the film, two living representatives of the Radziwill family, namely Matej Radziwill from Poland and Diana Radziwill from Italy, are interviewed, and representatives of the Belarusian-Lithuanian commission for the study of the Radziwill crypt, who are in search of the body of the founder of the Crypt, are also conducting work.



Yury Timofeev
Yury Timofeev
Ivan Goncharuk
Marina Danekina

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