Братство кольца. Большой адронный коллайдер
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Today, scientists predict several options for the life of the universe. The first option is not the worst: the Universe as it is now has always been and will always exist. The second option: she was born, changed, and someday, sadly, she will die. Most scientists tend to the latter. The Universe was born as a result of an explosion of a small superdense clot of matter, which had great energy, which began to scatter in different directions. But how did the planets and, ultimately, life itself come from energy? Thousands of scientists are looking for the answer to this question. Peter Higgs is the most expensive scientist for the world economy. His theory of the birth of the universe has already cost taxpayers 6 million euros. And this is not the limit. The Large Hadron Collider, which is capable of confirming the Higgs theory, has not even begun to operate at full capacity. And many are sure that they will never start. They believe that nature itself rebels against this. Or God himself. But Peter Higgs is convinced that the particle of the universe he is looking for, the boson, will definitely be discovered. The key to unraveling the "mystery of the Creator" may be very close at hand.