Буров и Буров
  • 45 мин.
  • russian

A film about two siblings, unique artists. Alexander and Vladimir Burovs are residents of the small village "Fedorovka-1" in the Orenburg steppe. Alexander is a realist, Vladimir is an abstractionist. They live in the same world, but each sees it differently. The relationship between the brothers, on the one hand, is kindred; they live on the neighboring streets. On the other hand, they are not easy because of creative jealousy. Alexander is a member of the Union of Artists, Vladimir is a hermit and informal. Their lives are generally very different. The art critics who discovered them speak of the brothers as world-class artists. In October 2019, a large exhibition of works by Alexander and Vladimir Burovs was held in the Russian Spiritual and Cultural Orthodox Center in Paris. The brothers' personal exhibition in the capital of world art is a story about the victory of talent over circumstances, and, of course, an amazing fulfillment of the most cherished dream of two unique artists, the Burov brothers.