Кадр из фильма «Chernobyl. Chronicle of silence»
Чернобыль. Хроника молчания
Chernobyl. Chronicle of silence
  • 87 min.
  • russian
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Zero hours 28 minutes On April 26, 1986, when going into the electrical test mode, the personnel of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant made a mistake when switching control from the local automatic control system (LAR). There was a release into the atmosphere. Thus began the history of the Great Chernobyl tragedy. But only after 68 hours the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union recognized the fact of the accident. How did the country live these 68 hours? What happened in the Central Committee of the CPSU, which proclaimed the policy of glasnost? Who specifically imposed a ban on notifying the country and the world about the catastrophe? What did the party authorities of Ukraine do? What did the authorities of Sweden and other European countries do, where did the radioactive cloud go? What happened in the “kitchens” of scientists who understood the problem? What orders did the army receive? What happened at the train stations and airports in Kyiv?



Irina Lanina
Vitaly Mansky
Sergei Chelenkov, Batyr Ataev
Natalya Manskaya
Sound operator
Vera Kofeynikova

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