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Чкалов. Жил-был летчик
Chkalov. Once upon a time there was a pilot
  • 16+
  • 45 min.
  • russian
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In the early morning of December 15, 1938, Chkalov arrived at the Khodynka airfield, where he was to test the new I-180 fighter for takeoff. In the flight task, it was written that it was necessary to complete one circle and return to the airfield. But Valery Chkalov decided to go for the second round, and the engine stalled. Chkalov stubbornly tried to start the engine, but to no avail. There is only one way out, to plan to the airfield and go for a landing. Until the last second, he tried to save the plane. There are many versions of Chkalov's death, but none of them clarify the situation to the end. The life and death of Chkalov is the story of an unusual pilot who always tried to act contrary to the rules and orders, to go beyond the limits of the possible.



Mikhail Degtyar
Edward Dubrovsky
Yuri Degtyarev, Anton Lunev
Mikhail Degtyar
Sound operator
Galina Siver

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