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ЦСДФ: ТОЧКА ОТСЧЕТА - 2. Фильм второй
Central Documentary Film Studio: Starting Point. Film two
  • 39 min.
  • russian

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The second film about the Central Documentary Film Studio. Ballad about a front-line cameraman. The tactics of filming tank battles, aerial filming, filming the offensive near Moscow, the Nuremberg trials and work on the Great Patriotic War epic. The story about the front-line operators Viktor Dobronitsky, Mark Troyanovsky, Roman Karmen, Vladimir Sushchinsky. The front groups included, according to the latest data, 314 operators and assistants, as well as 107 administrators, directors, sound engineers. Every second was wounded, every fourth died. The result is three and a half million meters of film, 500 issues of various newsreels, 67 short and 34 full-length military films.



Andrey Istratov
Andrey Istratov
Andrey Istratov
Andrey Istratov

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