Кадр из фильма «Tsvetayeva and Mayakovsky (Streets)»
Цветаевой и Маяковского
Tsvetayeva and Mayakovsky (Streets)
  • 12+
  • 27 min.
  • russian
  • english

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The typical living blocks – Troyeshchyna in Kyiv. The neighborhood’s biggest pulsing arteries, Tsvetayeva and Mayakovsky Streets, were constructed almost simultaneously several years before the Soviet Union collapse. The combination of archival footage and today’s shootings brings up the almost 100 years of history – from right after the revolution, in 1918, when Mayakovsky starts to make films, until the modern day. Or in the intersection on the two streets there is a story of the masses whose poet Mayakovsky was; the masses who ousted Tsvetayeva from their concrete towers. In any case, it a magic of the closest things that the pedestrians wouldn’t pay attention to.



Polina Moshenskaya
Polina Moshenskaya
Marina Lyapina
Polina Moshenskaya, Svetlana Zinovieva
Anton Baibakov, Jorge Del Pozo, Vassilis Avdelas

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