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Дихроя. Дневники тибетских странствий.
Dichroya. Tibetan Travel Diaries.
  • 40 min.
  • russian
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A film about a trip to Tibet. The expedition took place in 2019 along the route of the Russian traveler Gombozhab Tsybikov at the beginning of the 20th century. Tsybikov traveled to Tibet on instructions from the Russian government under the guise of a Buddhist pilgrim. Gambozhab took the first photographs of the country. How Tibet has changed in 120 years, how its perception by others has changed, how attitudes towards life and death are changing, these questions have become the subject of a study of Tibetan wanderings. The search for Dichroya, a Tibetan plant that prolongs life, made it possible to look at modern life from an unexpected angle



Maxim Privezentsev
Polina Korotich
Maxim Privezentsev
Maxim Privezentsev
Sound operator
Marina Sheiman

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