Кадр из фильма «Good morning Transnistria»
Доброе утро, Приднестровье
Good morning Transnistria
  • 16+
  • 53 min.
  • russian, english
  • english

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Welcome to the only country in Europe you probably never heard of! Transnistria is a thin strip of land between the Moldovan river Dniestr and the Ukranian border. After claiming independence in 1990, and breaking free from Moldova in 1992, the country is not recognized by the UN, but has its own parliament, government, military, police and currency. In Transnistria, the old Sovietic virtues are still nurtured in full scale. It´s still USSR-time! «Good morning Transnistria» is a portrait of the country through the life of Oxana and Victor. Oxana is a naïve and optimistic teacher, Victor is a tombstone dealer and regime opponent. Through their lives, we discover what everyday life is like in this akward place, right in the nucleus between Europe and Asia.



Bor Schoge Ronning, Fabien Greenberg
Bor Schoge Ronning
Bor Schoge Ronning, Fabien Greenberg
Bor Schoge Ronning

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