Кадр из фильма «The road won't tell you where»
Дорога не скажу куда
The road won't tell you where
  • 37 min.
  • russian

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There were many incredible turns in the life of the main character of the film, so surprising that it seems that the biography of one person simply cannot contain them. From Moscow State University to Baghdad University, from there to the Central Committee of the CPSU, and then to work as a watchman in an Orthodox church and a swift church career under the direct tutelage of Patriarch Alexy II. Now this man, remaining a priest, develops new talents of the writer, literary critic and propagandist of poetic creativity Vladimir Vysotsky. He is also an artistic musician and singer. In general, personality.



Andrey Raikin
Andrey Raikin, Nikita Moshkov
Boris Shikhman, Nikita Moshkov
Andrey Raikin
Sound operator
Kirill Moshkov

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