Кадр из фильма «Property of the Republic»
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Property of the Republic
  • 16+
  • 57 min.
  • russian, adyghe
  • russian

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Nafset Chenib, 28, has been living in Moscow for many years. She keeps Facebook, reads on the subway, travels a lot and calls herself a Man of the World. Nafset is blind from birth. And it was she who was the soloist at the closing ceremony of the Paralympics in Sochi. The performance was watched by many, including in the girl's homeland, in the Republic of Adygea. Now Nafset is flying to Maykop to give a concert and receive the title of Honored Artist. She will meet with relatives, journalists, spectators, officials of all stripes. For them, she is her own, local, Adyghe. Pride of the Republic.



Anna Kuznetsova
Anna Kuznetsova
Anna Kuznetsova

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