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Эрмитажный театр. Золотой век
The Hermitage Theatre. A Golden Age
  • 16+
  • 62 min.
  • russian, english, swedish
  • russian
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The Hermitage Theater is the oldest theater in St. Petersburg. Its heyday was the 18th century, when it was the main theater of the Russian Empire and one of the most important musical centers throughout Europe. Outstanding composers, writers and artists of that time worked for the Hermitage Theater and left a rich artistic heritage, which is now undeservedly forgotten. The work of the ensemble “Soloists of Catherine the Great” and other performers, who have set as their goal the return to life of the art of the 18th century, allows you to immerse yourself in the Golden Age of the Hermitage Theater.



Manas Sirakanyan
Maxim Schwarzkopf
Manas Sirakanyan

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