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Этюды о любви
Essays About Love
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  1. Part 1. Joseph, Adolf and Eve. The history of the whole country goes through the history of the inhabitants of a communal apartment in the very center of Moscow. The film was first shot in the USSR, in 1990. Under the windows of the communal apartment, tanks roar ominously at night rehearsing the last military parade dedicated to the October Revolution. And the residents receive humanitarian aid from Germany. 1993. Part 2. Big sale. The film was shot in 1993, when jackhammers roar under the windows and the only window overlooking Gorky Street, a new McDonald's restaurant under construction, is boarded up. And the whole country lives in anticipation of the arrival of Michael Jackson in Moscow. 1995. Part 3. New times. The film is no longer dedicated to the inhabitants of a barrack-type communal apartment, but to the inhabitants of a fashionable Stalinist house for the Soviet elite, which was also affected by the trends of the new time. If the tenants of a communal apartment are taken to cemeteries, some to new areas, then the former Soviet elite succumbs to the onslaught of new Russian capital and sells their apartments.



Vitaly Mansky
Valery Tazetdinov, Artur Krasheninnikov, Semyon Epshtein
Angela Nifontova
Yuri Khanin
Sound operator
Lydia Shcherbakova

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