Кадр из фильма «Fish & Onions»
Fish & Onions
  • 16+
  • 52 min.
  • russian, estonian
  • english

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300 years ago, the reform of the Russian Orthodox Church led to the persecution of all those who were against innovations. Many Old Believers were killed or fled to the uninhabited outskirts, even abroad. This film is a portrait of a small Old Believer community. The ancestors of its members settled three centuries ago on Lake Peipus on the border of Estonia and Russia. They live almost the same as they did two hundred years ago, grow onions and fish in the lake. They are not in danger from the homeland of their ancestors, it is literally on the other side of the lake and history. This past. A much greater danger is modernity.



Mark Brummund
Bettina Herzner, Mark Brummund, Rene Fischer
Bettina Herzner
Edgar Mackens

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