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Гражданская война: забытые сражения
Civil War: Forgotten Battles
  • 16+
  • 117 min.
  • russian

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On July 6, 1918, the White Guards, led by Colonel Alexander Perkhurov, occupied Yaroslavl without a fight. No one came to the defense of the Bolsheviks. The inhabitants of the city were at a loss, they did not know who to rely on and who was worth supporting. The rebels of Yaroslavl did not suspect what a bloody end awaited them. They generally did not understand who they were dealing with. The Bolsheviks immediately divided the world into friends and foes. The Red troops were ordered not only to suppress the uprising in Yaroslavl, but also to destroy the recalcitrant. Thus began the Civil War.



Alexander Sedelnikov, Ekaterina Galperina
Leonid Mlechin
Alexander Kalinin
Olga Deryugina
Ekaterina Komalkova

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