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Хороший человек
Good man
  • 24 min.
  • russian
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The fate of a teacher is not easy, hyperactive children, nervous stress, a small salary. Maybe that's why there are few men in this profession. Vasily Ivanovich Chugainov has been working as a physical education teacher in small rural schools for more than 30 years, where for boys he is not only a teacher, but also a mentor, a man they want to emulate. And for the boys of his village, who were loitering around the streets, he made a skating rink with his own hands, found skates, uniforms and teenagers play hockey every evening. He buys sticks, pucks, tennis balls with his own money. And his family supports him in everything.



Ekaterina Ushkova
Ekaterina Ushkova
Vitaly Isaev
Ekaterina Ushkova
Sound operator
Ekaterina Ushkova

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