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Хозяин острова
The Master of the Island
  • 23 min.
  • russian
  • english
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On the border of two seas, the Black and Azov, there is a small piece of land, the island of Tuzla. Our hero Sanych lived here. His grandfather came and settled here even before the First World War and other upheavals. Here his father grew up and married his mother. The whole life of Sanych passed here. There used to be a lot of people on the island, then it began to empty. People left in search of a better life. Sanych did not leave. He has grown into this island, and the island has grown into him. He became his soul. He was already in his seventies when the island was filled with construction. The new reality expelled Sanych, cut off the umbilical cord connecting him to the island. He became an "outsider" in his native land and ended up in a cell of an apartment on the 5th floor of a block Khrushchev. Sanych is like a tree without roots. He is doomed.



Ilona Vashkelyte
Ilona Vashkelyte
Alexander Filippov, Andrey Dvornikov, Ivan Golubkov, Igor Dolmatov, Egor Litvinov
Ilona Vashkelyte
Artur Gorbenko
Sound operator
Pavel Medvedev

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