Кадр из фильма «Keepers of the steam engines»
Хранители паровозов
Keepers of the steam engines
  • 26 min.
  • russian, english
  • english

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“Why do you like steam engines?” – a reporter asks one of them. “Why do you love women?” - he replies. The journalist has no further questions. “Steam engines are like a living organism” – says his friend. This is a movie where the life of unique people, machinists who serve the old steam engines is observed. Keepers of the steam engines know how to cook eggs on a shovel in the furnace of a steel giant, and can tell a million interesting stories about locomotives. They take an active part in the locomotive’s lives. They visit them, lubricate and warm up. On the one hand this work seems to be incomprehensible and unnecessary. But when the steel engines begin to move and people who see them smile and get joyful, everything becomes clear. How a locomotive cabin can make your body and soul newborn? Why do we need to preserve and protect the survivals of the past? Why the historical exhibits are strategic objects? What destiny is prepared for steam engines? Would they let them die? The film answers all the questions.



Natalya Lobko (Natasha Lo)
Natalya Lobko (Natasha Lo)
Kirill Gherra
Alana Bzarova
Antonio Vivaldi
Sound operator
Alexander Volodin

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