Кадр из фильма «The Story of one Universe»
История одной Вселенной
The Story of one Universe
  • 44 min.
  • russian
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This is the story of our contemporary, a young guy who created his own universe. You can travel along it, you can study it, meet sunrises on incomprehensible planets, see off the sunsets of double stars. In this model, as in the real Universe, there are a huge number of stars and galaxies. And all this was created by one person Vladimir Romanyuk. The film intertwines three dramatic lines, the life of the inventor himself, the history of the emergence and development of his unique creation and, in fact, the life of the cosmos, infinite and incomprehensible.



Andrey Istratov
Andrey Istratov, Nikolay Istratov
Alexander Medvedev
Andrey Istratov

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