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История забытого народа
History of the Forgotten People
  • 26 min.
  • russian
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Alexey Nakamura is the head of the Ainu national community in Kamchatka. “The fate of the Ainu people is a difficult fate. In Russia we are Japanese, in Japan we are Russians. The authorities do not want to recognize us, nobody needs us. There are tendencies to persecute our people on a national basis. Now we want justice, we want to revive our folk crafts, culture, religion. We are constantly in correspondence with the Ainu from Sakhalin, Koryakia, exchanging information, documents,” says Alexei Nakamura. He adds, “According to historical documents, the Ainu were the most numerous ethnic group in the Far East, their number in Kamchatka alone reached about five thousand people. The Ainu inhabited the Japanese Islands, Sakhalin Island, the Kuril Islands and the south of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Later, part of the Ainu was assimilated by the Japanese, and part mixed with the Russian population of the Far East."



Albert Samoilov
Albert Samoilov
Albert Samoilov
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