Кадр из фильма «From the life of one village»
Из жизни одной деревни
From the life of one village
  • 75 min.
  • russian
  • english

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A film about a village with the poetic name Svetlana, which is located two hours from St. Petersburg. It was built by volunteers more than twenty-five years ago for people with disabilities of physical and mental development, doomed to special psycho-neurological boarding schools of a closed type. Many of them, before they got to the village, could not connect even two words, they sat at home, within four walls. Svetlana avoids the words "disabled" or "sick", preferring to call such people "guys". They do not do miraculous healings and special trainings here, the diagnosis is not important here. Here the children simply create the conditions for a normal human life. Healthy and sick communicate on an equal footing, work together, put on performances and run a joint household. Disabled people do not feel sick and flawed. Everyone is equal here. The shooting of the film lasted about 13 years.



Lilia Vyugina
Lilia Vyugina
Sergei Sirbu
Zhanna Tedeeva-Kalinina, Alexandra Voronkova
Sound operator
Petr Kucherenko

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