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Изнутри мы все одинаковые
Inside we`re all the same
  • 32 min.
  • hebrew
  • russian, english

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The film shows the features of the work of the specialized orthopedic department of traumatology of the University Hospital of Hadas Ein Karem in Jerusalem. The leading physicians of the department are Jewish, Muslim and Christian, each coming from his own background. Their interaction in the operating room, friendship outside the hospital walls seem both incredible and very natural. Physicians talk about themselves in their home environment. The film also shows the real work of doctors, in real operating rooms, during real operations, and the story of two patients, a female soldier with multiple injuries after the terrorist attack by an Arab driver in Jerusalem, and a man, an East Jerusalem resident, who was seriously injured in a car accident.



Dr. Ruth Bihar
Dr. Ruth Bihar
Samuel Baram
Dr. Ruth Bihar
Sound operator
Samuel Baram

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