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Moscow musician, church bell ringer Filipp Gorbachev travels through the provinces of Russia, exploring the nature of bell ringing. On the way, he finds an empty cathedral, within the walls of which, in prayer, he tunes in to a new musical improvisation. Asceticism and flight from the mundane open up a new sound reality of modern Christianity. The bell is the only musical instrument used in Orthodox worship, and its connection with the spiritual culture of Russia is incredibly strong. In 2016, the famous techno producer and DJ Filipp Gorbachev was trained by the master of bell ringing, subsequently becoming the bell ringer of the Church of St. Nicholas in Aksinino. Such an interest in Orthodox culture is not accidental, having experienced the influence of Peter Mamonov, the Moscow electronic musician believes in the special spirituality of the Russian dance floor. This film is an attempt to reflect it through the prayerful experience of a modern bell ringer, under whose monastic cassock hides a mechanic's red overalls, Gorbachev's usual stage attire. Following Philip, the camera, attentive to details, tries to find and capture that fragile atmosphere in which the sound of bells becomes a source of divine revelation and turns people into brothers and sisters.



Nadya Zakharova
Denis Smagin
Nadya Zakharova
Philip Gorbachev
Philip Gorbachev
Sound operator
Philip Gorbachev

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