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Konstantin Kotov, a 35-year-old programmer from Moscow, was jailed for participating in peaceful protests and for posting on Facebook. He was tried under Article 212.1 of the Criminal Code, which is popularly called "Dadino". This is a very convenient article, anyone can be imprisoned under it, three detentions are enough, for example, at a rally (even an agreed one) or a single picket in six months. This happened to Konstantin, he was given 4 years in prison. In conclusion, Kotov was waiting for a ban on conversations, pressure, surveillance by the administration and almost complete isolation. Thanks to public support and the work of the lawyers of the OVD-Info project, Kotov's sentence was reduced, instead of 4 years he served 1.5 years. On December 16, Kotov was released, and ROMB spent the first day after the colony with him. It turned out to be a New Year's comedy. In it, political activists, their lovers, friends and lawyers drink sparkling wine, eat cabbage pies and are absolutely not afraid of anything.



Sergey Borsuk
Sergey Borsuk, Oksana Serbinova
Sergey Borsuk
Oksana Serbinova

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