Кадр из фильма «The edge of the world»
Край земли
The edge of the world
  • 20 min.
  • russian
  • english
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At the cemetery near Moscow for thirty years, shovel to shovel, gravedigger friends Sasha and Yura have been working. The first is a former athlete who undermined his health at the beginning of his career. The second is a graduate physicist in the past, a failed scientist who left science in the 90s for the sake of a quick and solid income. They feel free, provide for their families, and in this they see the meaning of their existence. Yura helps her divorced daughter raise her child alone. Sasha's daughter is already an adult, and the former athlete finds an outlet in coaching, teaching teenagers martial arts. The bogatyr Yura, who even in winter digs naked to the waist, hopes that he will have enough health for another ten years, just in time to put his granddaughter on his feet. Although the former physicist is already 63 years old. Sasha is younger than his partner, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to combine the work of a gravedigger and a coach. Friends have a new partner, 40-year-old bankrupt businessman Alexei. He hopes to make ends meet and leave the cemetery quickly, but, as you know, "nothing is more permanent than temporary." Under the bottomless sky over eternal peace. Are the earthly dreams and hopes of our heroes destined to come true? After all, as Brodsky wrote, "each grave is the end of the earth."



Dmitry Stepanov
Dmitry Stepanov
Roman Soloninkin
Dmitry Stepanov
Sergei Rachmaninov
Sound operator
Julia Vinogradova

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