Кадр из фильма «Bloody Easter»
Кровавая Пасха
Bloody Easter
  • 39 min.
  • russian

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Alexander Sysoev was a successful businessman in the dashing 90s. In 1999, he decided to overthrow the current government, first in Vyshny Volochek, and then in the country. In order to take possession of the weapon, Alexander wanted to seize the local police department. On the night of April 9-10, 1999, the eve of the Orthodox Easter, Sysoev fired at the police department of the city of Vyshny Volochek. As a result of this attack, three police officers were killed. Sysoev was detained, and after an investigation in 2000, the court declared him insane and sent him to compulsory psychiatric treatment. 15 years later, in 2015, Sysoev was released. Sergei Erzhenkov found Alexander and went with him to Vyshny Volochek.



Sergey Erzhenkov
Sergey Erzhenkov
Sergey Erzhenkov
Anna Kupa
Sound operator
Anton Karpov

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