Кадр из фильма «Winged fishermen»
Крылатые рыбаки
Winged fishermen
  • 12+
  • 39 min.
  • russian

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Scientific study of the ancient Chinese craft, catching fish with the help of birds. Cormorants are found in Russia and other countries, but only in China did people turn them into winged fishermen, capable of catching fifteen kilograms of fish in a day. Only in China do these birds respond to the name. Perhaps that is why they are often called "Chinese dogs". The film reveals the secret of how the ancient Chinese managed not only to tame a free bird, but to literally turn it into a “dog” that faithfully serves its master.



Tatyana Obozova
Tatyana Obozova
Tatyana Obozova, Ilya Rodionov
Svetlana Bychenko
Sound operator
Yuri Geddert

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