Кадр из фильма «The great journey»
Le grand voyage
The great journey
  • 37 min.
  • french
  • english, french

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Danielle is 90 years old and has a dream: to go on an adventure, from Russia to China, via Mongolia, aboard the Trans-Siberian. She would have taken this trip with her friend Lina, but she lives in a retirement home. When Juliette, her granddaughter, offers to take her there, she jumps at the chance to meet a woman of her age in each country she crosses. Intimate words and knowledge from elsewhere intertwine, in order to convey a portrait of women, funny and sensitive. The adventure then becomes an act of transmission, and the long journey, a hymn to life!



Juliette Lamboley
Juliette Lamboley
Juliette Lamboley, Kim Marc Huynh
Les enfants sauvages
Danielle Miglierini
Sound operator
Juliette Lamboley, Mickael Olivier

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