Кадр из фильма «Personal story»
Личная история
Personal story
  • 17 min.
  • russian

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Each person is a small mirror that reflects the whole world. The oil works of the artist Nikolai Nasedkin reflected his homeland, namely the desolate Voronezh villages. The dying village is in stark contrast to the wealth of our country today, based on its natural resources. The time when people fed on the fruits of the earth gave way to a time when people feed on its bowels. The artist's large-scale panels were painted with oil, the world's main fuel. Is oil a blessing or a curse? This is a dramatic question of our time. This film is a continuation and rethinking, in cinematic language, of the problems raised at the "Oil is a Personal Story" exhibition (Tretyakov Gallery, 2019).



Nikolay Nasedkin
Nikolay Nasedkin
Nikolay Nasedkin
Sound operator
Mark Ostrovsky, Ivan Polikhin

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