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Люди Победы. Ни шагу назад!
The Victorious People. Not a step back!
  • 52 min.
  • russian
  • english
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‘The Victorious People. Not a step back!’ is dedicated to the heroes of the most atrocious and bloody war in the history of mankind.
In this documentary project war veterans give us an account of what that war was really like, the war that deprived them of their youth and robbed them of their family, friends and beloved ones... And today some attempts are being made to wipe out the memory of their feats of arms. But as long as the war veterans are still alive, it is impossible to rewrite or distort the story of those horrific years.
The film is about the People of Victory who even today on a daily basis show us an example of perseverance, courage, and loyalty to themselves and to the memory of the fallen comrades-in-arms. It is about those who even nowadays keep sticking to their life motto ‘Not a single step back!’ This genuine and poignant documentary project serves as another reminder of what price our people paid for the sake of Victory over fascism.



Olga Lazebnik, Elena Legeyda
Jan Ivanishin
Vladislav Degtyar, Alexander Oleinik
Anton Nikitin

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