Кадр из фильма «Song Searcher»
Мотивы Моисея Береговского
Song Searcher
  • 82 min.
  • russian

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This is a film about a true ascetic, Moses Beregovsky, a man who collected Jewish folklore in Ukraine all his life, and the fate of his unique archive, which was considered lost. Moses Beregovsky began to collect the archive in the twenties of the twentieth century, continued to work in the liberated territories in the difficult post-war period. Almost all the people whose voices and works he recorded in the pre-war years on the wax cylinders of the phonograph perished in the flames of the Holocaust. The film will also feature songs by former prisoners of concentration camps and ghettos, which Beregovsky managed to record in 1944-1945. The film was created with the support of Roman Abramovich.



Elena Yakovich
Elena Yakovich
Leonid Zamchinsky, Maxim Grinevich, Boris Sobolev, Ivan Germanov, Kirill Titov, Igor Trukhanov, Anton Ponomarev, Vladimir Badikov, Artur Goloburdo, Alexey Gorbatov
Victorina Petrosyants

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