Кадр из фильма «Motolady»
  • 38 min.
  • russian

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What can make a woman, far from feminism, break into male territory? After all, male bikers are so proud of their belonging to the motorcycle movement and are very wary of any attempts to join their motorcycle community. The heroines of the documentary, including a doctor, a coach, a banker, ambulance workers, police officers and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, are women over 40, each of whom had to go through serious trials of fate. How can you force yourself to smile and feel happy if you have a disabled child, a painful divorce from your husband, or the stress of losing a business? These resilient women themselves will tell how they turned into road riders and share their impressions. For many of them, the passion for motorcycles returned the ability to rejoice, gave faith in the future and hope for the best. They opened a new page in the history of their lives, which brings new discoveries, drive, friends and communication with like-minded people.



Vladimir Koifman
Vladimir Koifman, Pavel Kobyak
Alexander Porotov, Alexander Zatona
Pavel Kobyak
Sound operator
Alexander Volosnikov, Arseny Shchedrin

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