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Мой дом
My home
  • 13 min.
  • russian
  • english

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Dutch ecologist Pieter van der Wolf came to Sakhalin Island to study the red-listed gray whales and stayed there for more than sixteen years. Peter loves these places, is friends with his neighbors and, although many things sometimes annoy him, he does not run. Year after year, the Dutchman works and tries to arrange life in his district on the island. In the village where he lives, together with his friends, he organized and maintains a stable, monitors the cleanliness of nearby places and is very worried when "the wrong hay is brought in." But he doesn't complain, he works! And he does not even think about returning to his native flower paradise. What is it that captivates and what keeps the Dutchman in the harsh hinterland on the edge of Russia?



Christina Koroleva
Christina Koroleva
Veronika Kosenko, Kristina Koroleva
Christina Koroleva

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