Кадр из фильма «Stranded In Canton»
Nakangami na Guangzhou
Stranded In Canton
  • 16+
  • 77 min.
  • french
  • english

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Like many compatriots migrating east in search of work, Lebrun travels from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the Chinese city of Guangzhou (Canton Province). As a trade broker, he wants to sell a large batch of themed T-shirts for the presidential election. But the business does not burn out, and Lebrun is left in limbo, with a pile of debt and a useless pile of T-shirts. Sylvie helps him, becomes a guide, teaches him Chinese and introduces him to local customs. Inspired, Lebrun decides not to return home, but devises a plan to repurpose the T-shirts and sell them for the next election in 2016.



Mons Monson
Mons Monson, Lee Hongkwi, George Cragg
Mons Monson
Mons Monson, Alex Chung

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