Кадр из фильма «Our movie. Foreign shores. The first film: "On the ashes"»
Наше кино. Чужие берега. Фильм первый: "На пепелище"
Our movie. Foreign shores. The first film: "On the ashes"
  • 62 min.
  • russian

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The first post-war decade went down in the history of Soviet cinema as the era of "small pictures". It was a difficult and controversial time. The war left terrible wounds on the earth and in the souls of people. Half the country was turned into ashes. During the war, Russian cinema also suffered enormous losses. But there was no money to restore it. Film production dropped to 9 films a year. In addition, in the atmosphere of the outbreak of the Cold War, the authorities were forced to tighten the screws more tightly, to load films with overdosed propaganda. But even in these unimaginably difficult conditions, Soviet cinema not only survived, but also managed to create a number of wonderful films that have become classics of Russian cinema. During the years of harsh living conditions and extreme exertion, the cinema managed to provide the people with powerful spiritual and moral support. And even under the conditions of the "Iron Curtain", it managed to break through the political blockade and was widely represented on the screens of various foreign countries. Russian films continued to bring the world the truth about the exploits of the Soviet people, their history and culture. Author's version of Valery Fomin.



Georgy Sushko
Valery Fomin
Yuri Stepanov, Denis Rubin, Pavel Lavrukhin
Vladimir Golikov, Natalia Lisovskaya
Alexey Krasheninnikov
Sound operator
Kim Uryvaev

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