Недельное. Первые километры войны
  • 27 мин.
  • russian
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Residents of the village of Nedelnoye, having carried childhood impressions through the years and life experience, share with us their vivid memories of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Nedelny, by the will of fate, was assigned a special role in the Great Patriotic War. This is our story. From such villages and villages near Moscow, located on the general front line, a long path to Victory began. And only here, on this land, which our grandfathers and grandmothers defended together, they were happy. This film is a link between times, the last fragile link to living eyewitnesses of the military events of 1941.

The Golden Knight - competition. Diploma of the participant
“We won together” - competition
“Meeting” - competition program: Laureate of the festival. Diploma of the Administration of the city of Obninsk "For contribution to the culture of cinema and the development of Orthodox cinema", Prize of the festival
"Seventeen Moments" - out-of-competition program, special screening. Participation diploma
"Glory to Russia" - out-of-competition program. Participation Diploma
"Radiant Angel" - out-of-competition program. Participation Diploma
Veche Historical Film Festival - out-of-competition program. Participation Diploma
The Salt of the Earth Festival is an out-of-competition program. Participation Diploma
I Open Documentary Film Festival "Crimea Dok" - competitive program. Diploma in the category "For glorifying the courage and heroism of ordinary people in the Great Patriotic War"
XI Cheboksary International Film Festival. Producer Diploma
X Cheboksary International Film Festival. Diploma of the participant