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Никогда больше
Kiselyov's list
  • 58 min.
  • russian
  • english

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For many years, almost nothing was known about this unique operation during the Holocaust. In August 1942, 270 people of Jewish nationality went on a deadly campaign. Among them were children from one and a half years. They had to cross the front line and pass through the territory completely occupied by the Nazis. Pass to survive. Pass to save the lives of their children. There was only one person at the head of this group, Nikolai Kiselev. This deadly campaign lasted almost two months. 218 people reached the cherished goal. Leon Rubin is one of the few children who survived. He did everything to perpetuate the name of their savior, to convey the terrible story of the struggle to his children and descendants. He again comes to Russia to honor the memory of the partisan Kiselev and find the grave of his mother, who died already on the territory of Russia. “I did everything I had to. I want this to never happen again." Never again.



Gulnaz Galimullina
Gulnaz Galimullina
Konstantin Merkulov, Mikhail Vikhrov, Denis Melnikov, Danila Sidorov
Oksana Barkovskaya
Alan Makiev
Sound operator
Andrey Chernavin

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