Кадр из фильма «For one must always remember so that history will not fade away»
Нужно сохранять воспоминания, чтобы они не канули в лету
For one must always remember so that history will not fade away
  • 79 min.
  • russian, english, french
  • english

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In October 2017, in Paris, France, a mass takes place for the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Many White Russians’ descendants come over, along with recent emigrants. In December 2017, in Nijni Novgorod and Zavoljie, in Russia, a young lady, who has emigrated 10 years earlier to France, comes back to the places of her childhood and tells her memories. In March 2018, in Kronstadt and Saint-Petersburg, in Russia, the director goes to the Archives to find information about her great grandfather who was a captain in Kronstadt at the time of the Revolution. She also films sailors on duty on the island. In April 2018, in Bombay and Goa, India, Ukrainian, Russian and Bielorussian young ladies live and work as models, dancers and children’s entertainers. In June 2018, in Nice, France, a school meant to make Russian language and culture live on among Russian-speaking kids living abroad gives the end-of-the-year show. In January 2019, in Ioujno-Sakhalinsk and Korsakov, Russia, memories of the tsarist penitentiary are still alive. Some animals on the island have their lives closely tied to human ones. Among these animals is the Karafuto-ken, an endemic and endangered dog. In February 2019, in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the director finds documents and places linked to the partnership between her great grandfather, Aleksandr Pavlovitch Dlusskiy, and Dmitriy Pavlovitch Grigorovitch for the creation of an aeronautical company. In September 2019, in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand, young ladies work in strip clubs. Close by lies the jungle.



Sophie Dloussky
Sophie Dloussky
Sophie Dloussky
Sound operator
Cijo N Raju

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