Кадр из фильма «Fire come with me»
Огонь, иди со мной
Fire come with me
  • 16+
  • 19 min.
  • russian
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Oksana Shalygina refuses to call herself the wife of Pyotr Pavlensky and suggests using the word "comrade-in-arms". They are in an open relationship and have two children. After Pavlensky was arrested on November 9 during a rally near the walls of the FSB, she came from St. Petersburg to Moscow: she lives with friends, meets with lawyers, goes to Butyrka and waits for December 8, the day of the verdict. We spent several days with Oksana Shalygina to talk about what life of an artist, invisible to people, looks like, the continuation of which is radical artistic acts.



Inna Denisova
Radio Liberty

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