Кадр из фильма «They also dreamed»
Они тоже мечтали
They also dreamed
  • 68 min.
  • russian
  • english
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Women of different nationalities live in central Dagestan. In 1994, gynecologist Aishat Magomedova opened a charity hospital for them in the center of Makhachkala. She was worried about the situation of mountain women in the villages of Dagestan, where there are no roads, gas and water. According to local traditions all the physical work in the family falls on the woman. Aishat helped them cope with the difficulties of everyday life and for fifteen years she gave free medical care and psychological support. In winter 2009 the hospital was evicted from the premises. How is the life of mountain women going now, in 2019? In the film women tell their stories.



Alexander Fedorov
Elena Srapyan, Alexander Fedorov
Alexander Fedorov
Elena Srapyan
Dmitry Romanovich

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