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The last temptation of Gavrila
  • 16+
  • 52 min.
  • russian

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In his youth, Gavrila was a member, and then the head of a gang. But he saw God and decided to leave for a monastery. The wife is unable to compete with the Almighty for her husband's heart and leaves Gavrila. The film follows the life of the protagonist in the last weeks before the tonsure, which he spends in the parish of Father Andrian. Gavrila humbly helps the priest, talks with the parishioners and trusts the viewer with the secret. It turns out that he leaves the world in an attempt to cope with the main temptation. And that temptation is women.



Jerzy Sladkowski
Jerzy Sladkowski
Andrzej Zulkowski
Sound operator
Shamil Izmailov

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