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Leave Your Bones
  • 68 min.
  • russian
  • russian

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The future of Yana and Yura literally hangs in the balance. Arrested accounts, lack of permanent income, eternal debts. All this affects their minor daughter, who may be surprised by the sausage in the refrigerator. Fifteen-year-old Eva has long begun to notice that her parents are very different from the rest. Until recently, enjoying youth and loving life, her parents suddenly noticeably aged. Yana has stage III blood cancer, but the family has long been unable to afford the treatment. Constant pain and swelling sometimes tightly fetter her body. Such pain could hardly be relieved by an anesthetic capsule. Sick of leukemia since childhood, Yana has long adopted heroin. Together with her husband, they are united by many years of experience in the use of hard drugs. A few years ago, Yura and Yana were able to break out of a severe form of addiction. But now, when the stakes are higher than ever, they are still in the “sex-drugs-rock-n-roll” orbit. Both are regularly drawn into multi-day sleepless drug marathons, and, secretly from their daughter, inject stimulants in the bathroom.



Nikita Chernyshev
Nikita Chernyshev
Nikita Chernyshev
Nikita Chernyshev

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